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The snack that loves you back.

The Local Bar is home grown from ingredients found right here in our Saskatchewan backyard. Lentils, Flax, quinoa and Saskatoon berries all drizzled with honey in a convenient bar, you can taste the freshness that comes from using non-imported ingredients. 

This bar has been specifically formulated by combining fibres and protein with just the right amount of sugar to release energy slowly throughout your body in a slow burn that will last hours, without being a calorie-heavy bar. 

Light, fresh and uncomplicated The Local Bar is a reflection of Saskatchewan's greatest assets. 




Olauson Food Products was born out of a desire to change the way people view food. Food doesn’t have to be complicated. You should be able to purchase products with an easily understandable ingredient list and know where it came from.

The co-owners of Olauson Food Products are the children of a farming family and they grew up in Saskatchewan. Caitlin Olauson is a Food Scientist currently working on obtaining her Master's degree at the University of Saskatchewan. Julie Gryba is a mother to three children and has a background in developing and maintaining startup businesses.

Both have a strong pride of Saskatchewan. What better way to help its residents go out and do what they love than to provide nutrient-packed snacks, made from local ingredients, that will set them off on the right foot every day?